Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why My Garden Matters....

Early this morning, still wrapped in my robe and clutching a cup of coffee, I opened my back door to let my dogs out. The bluebird babies greeted the morning with hungry chirps, their appetites immune to the barking dogs and opening and closing of garage doors as the neighbors slowly left for work. The parents took turns looking for food and the chirping only paused when the babies' mouths were too full to complain. Every day I am amazed at the range of animals who find shelter and sustenance in my garden. Caterpillars I have never seen before munch hungrily away at the rue next to my summer regulars, Eastern Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. A female hummingbird quickly sipped at the feeder while I ate my breakfast outside on Saturday, flying away before I could snap a picture. I know she'll be back. Every summer the hummers race from plant to plant, before perching in the dogwood tree to neurotically guard the feeder. I take a deep breath and slowly let it out. I can't stop the violent gushing of oil in the Gulf or the war in the middle east, but I can offer a small slice of respite to the winged creatures lucky enough to live inland. In the largest sense, it is nothing. To the butterflies and honeybees sipping at the flowers in the garden, it is everything.


  1. How very true. Well written and well said.

  2. Hi TS, Nice to 'meet' you. The title of this post really caught my eye so I came to check it out. Glad I commented, especially since you are in my same zone, sort of. Close enough.

    You asked about the template and stretching it? I have a very old template called 'Minima Stretch'. It automatically formats it all but I think if you go into the html (make sure you save the template) you might be able to figure out the main body part and make it bigger based on pixels? I am not good with this stuff. I just play around with it all. A good blogging friend Marne (Roses and Lilacs) helped me out with getting the header photo to fit. I see yours all fit in perfectly. I never noticed it all in the middle. I think your blog looks fine, the plants and gardens even nicer. Sorry I can't be of more help, but the template is where it is all located.

    And as always, I love to welcome new bloggers with a comment or two. I had no idea you were so new. Here's to many many more comments now and in the future!

  3. Enjoyed my first visit ... you have posted some lovely photos!

  4. Thanks a bunch!!! I'm always a little shocked at well they turn out considering I'm not the best photographer! Hooray for cameras that do the thinking for me!!


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