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Friday, June 18, 2010

We need rain!!!

Ugh! It's as dry as the desert outside and my rain barrels are empty. The monster storm that was supposed to drench my garden and fill my barrels skipped by, with barely a rain drop to spare. But it's summer and I finally have time to sleep, garden, read, bake, dream.... My papers are graded, the class packed. The bluebird babies are quieter and I wonder if they fledged and flown while I worked. A pot of hummingbird syrup sits on the stove to cool but the monarda and trumpet vine offer plenty of natural nectar. My silene regia is still taking root so the hummers and I may have to wait until next summer to enjoy it's tall red flowers. The hose chuggs away, watering my thirsty garden while I hope and pray for rain. It will come...

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