Monday, May 23, 2011

A Doozy of a Shrub

Have you ever bought a plant simply because it has a ridiculous name? I once bought a penstemon named Whippleanus because I couldn't even think about the plant without laughing. And not just polite giggles, mind you. But full-on belly laughs until I had to run for the bathroom. Despite my best efforts, penstemon Whippleanus died, possibly hit by an assteroid.

The queen of my late spring garden is a magnificent shrub with the absurd name of fuzzy deutzia 'Pink a Boo'. Robust and generous of blossom, she holds court near the garden gate, taunting the clematis with her beauty as she hums along with the bees.

Silver lamium 'Pink Nancy' grows in the shade under the deutzia. Chance, the little rat terrier, was rescued from an animal shelter and is my constant shadow.

 I prune it after it's done flowering to guarantee a repeat performance next May.

I love the plump little pink buds.

The flowers aren't fragrant, but their beauty more than makes up for it.

Bees of all types can be found foraging among the flowers. 

Deutzia is very easy to grow in a slightly moist spot. All this beauty for such little fuss!


  1. You got a great big laugh out of me with that assteroid comment! And I'm still chuckling.

    Oh, and that shrub is cute, too.

  2. Asteroids in Casa Mariposa? In my garden, they look like dogs. Love your blooms and your photos are terrific.

  3. Thanks for the laugh! I also love your deutzia!

  4. I am such a sucker for funny names. I have resisted the hydrangea Pinky Winky, but I don't know how. Pink a Boo is right up there! And what a delicate looking thing she is.

  5. Well, the poor plant didn't have a chance with a name like that!

    Love, love, love the view of that planting area.

  6. Great names: you mean the Boxcar Willie tomato I bought this year? That's a great shrub by the way. And I'd sure like to put some love on that little dog.

  7. That is one big shrub! and absolutely covered in blooms. no wonder you love it.

  8. Ah, Deutzia and Lamium create a stunning combination. What a great idea! The picture with Chance belongs in a national landscaping magazine!

  9. Sorry the asteroid got your penstemon. Your 'Pink Nancy' is clearly a bit of a show-off, with so many flowers, but who are we to argue with the bees?

  10. PS Lovely Kanutia picture - ah yes, I remember it well... ;-)

  11. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    I bought my first deutzia just last week. (Mine is white) If I had seen your post before I made the purchase, I would probably held off and looked for this pink one. Your deutzia 'Pink a Boo' is sooo pretty!!!

  12. Gorgeous plant TS! Love the assteroid comment, too :) Whenever I visit your blog (and many others) I wish I had more flowers in my garden. Yours are always so beautiful!


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