Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GBBD - After the storm

We finally had a significant rainfall last night and the garden is refreshed and blooming.

I was very surprised this morning to see the columbine blooming again!

'Fragrant Angel' coneflowers have bloomed all summer. They are being moved to a sunnier spot this fall to help stop the flop!

 I bought a six pack impatiens for 50 cents in July to fill in a big empty spot. They are still small but very cheerful. 

 'Chocolate' eupatorium has started to bloom but won't reach its peak until fall.

 I love the soft orange of this agastache.

Rudbeckia fulgida 'Deamii' - This is a slightly improved variety of the native roadside wildlflower that blooms across the southeast.

 Asclepias tuberosa - Orange butterfly weed is significantly more heat and drought resistant that other types of milkweed.

 'Maraschino' salvia and 'Blue Fortune' agastache
(The highly unattractive wire grid by the wooden fence keeps my dogs from slipping through the fence, or at least from getting stuck while trying to go exploring.)

 A new flush of blooms on the 'Roguchi' clematis

 'Sceptre d'Isle' is a David Austin rose that is incredibly disease resistant and thrives with a bit of afternoon shade from the neighboring Rose of Sharon.

I love the soft, fuzzy red flowers of chenille plant.

 Crepe myrtles bloom for several months starting in mid-summer in the upper South. If the fall days are warm and the nights cool, they have gorgeous autumn foliage.

These 'Nicky' phlox just can't compete with the enormous 'Delta Snow' phlox nearby and are headed to a different part of the garden this fall.


  1. All your flowers are so beautiful. So glad you got some rain. It has been a couple of weeks now since we've had any. Love all your pics. Have a great week.


  2. Refreshing is a great way to describe how it felt this morning. So glad for the rain and cooler temps! The agastache is pretty, I like the color too. Does the eupatorium turn chocolate brown? That'll be fun to see!

  3. Wait . . .columbines bloom again in late summer?? Mine don't. And "Chocolate' eupatorium has white fuzzy blooms? Mine has none, although it has nice dark foliage.

    At least my orange butterfly weed looks like yours, re-blooming right now! And I do have 'Nicky' phlox blooming their heads off too. Your garden does look completely refreshed.

  4. Jednym deszczu za mało, innym za dużo. Czemu nie może być po równo. Pozdrawiam

  5. Such bounty of blooms! I love the coneflowers and the clematis especially. Thank you for showing.

  6. Yay for rain! Sounds very refreshing! My butterfly weed is just beginning to rebloom too. The butterflies are certainly appreciative. Great blooms you have going on in your garden!

  7. Hooray for rain!!!!! The flowers are really pretty and I am surprised to see a few with the season we have been having. Many in my garden are having a second show, but nothing like in previous years. Flowers are isolated and friendless. The season seemed to take much out of them.

  8. Yes, hooray for rain. I am interested in your "chocolate" eupatorium also. We have a Eupatorium havanense that blooms white in the fall. Always looking for a great fall bloom for the butterflies as they pass through in the fall.

  9. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    I am glad that you have had rain. Like everyone else I am impressed by the late blooming columbine. I think the"chocolate" eupatorium Rudbeckia fulgida 'Deamii' might make great additions to my own garden.
    I added a white echinacea this summer. They are a nice change from the standard pink.
    P.S. I am looking forward to checking out the new header pages on your blog- especially the dog page (of course). Wow, you have a lot of plans for the fall! That is an impressive plant list.

  10. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden Just had to come back to say that I love the dogs stories and photos. Those pictures of all the doggie faces are priceless. How people can abuse a dog is beyond me! It breaks my heart. How lucky they are to have a loving home.

  11. Everything looks so fresh and happy after the rain -- especially the Rudbeckia. Isn't it nice to not have to water for a couple of days?!

  12. Nice variety of blooms for GBBD. Your rose is stunning. Wish we would get some of that rain. Crunchy time in SC.


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