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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankfulness Challenge - Getting to the Root of the Matter

I am incredibly thankful, especially during the summer, for the genius who invented and marketed soaker hoses.They are indispensible in keeping my garden watered and help keep my water bill low by concentrating the water where it's need most - the base of the plants instead of the mulch.

Soaker hoses surround these daylilies and allow me to give them extra water while also controlling how water the rest of my plants receiveI cover them with mulch after my transplanting is done and most of the leaves have fallen onto the soil.


  1. Our sprinkler system was installed years ago and I'm finding in the drought that it isn't sufficient. I'm researching how I can incorporate soaker hoses into our existing system. It was so dry this year my river fern went dormant. A first for them and they've been established for years. They are sprouting again; it looks more like spring in that bed than fall.

  2. Hooray for the inventions of modern technology. Considering the heat wave of this past summer this really was a wonderful tool for you to have.

  3. I never quite figured out soaker hoses. But maybe I just don't have a very good one. It didn't seem to give the plants enough moisture. I don't water the perennials much, but the veggie garden seems to need more water. But I see how you twisted it around the plants--maybe that would make a difference.

  4. I will be incorporating more soaker hoses next year. They definitely help and are a more efficient way to water, especially when we have limited water resources. Great thing to be thankful for!

  5. We want to try using soaker hoses for our container garden next summer. I think it'll save us time and money too. By the way, I loved what you wrote about Scout riding in the shopping cart. What a cool dog. I'd love to see that!


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