Monday, May 3, 2010


Why is it if I want to buy a plant that only exists naturally in the remotest corners of the Earth but just happens to grow well here, I can buy it in a four pack in front of my grocery store, but if I want a NATIVE plant I have to either scour the Internet or head for the woods/fields with a shovel? Native plants should be the norm not the exception!

Also, why is gardening so expensive? Things that are beautiful and make the world a better place should be free. Junk that makes us unhealthy and is harmful to the environment/society, like cigarettes, toxic chemcials, and weapons, should be so outrageously expensive no one can afford them. It shouldn't be cheaper to buy a handgun, cigarettes, and a bunch of junk food than it is to plant/maintian a garden. The world makes NO sense!


  1. It IS free when nice people like The Tammy give you a bunch of volunteers :)


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