Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Spring Ramble

On an afternoon ramble I found:

  yellow epimediums

cherry blossoms


tulips the color of sunset

a wood poppy that planted itself next to the cowslip primroses

 silene 'Rolly's Favorite'

fresh growth on the sweetspire

toad lily takeover

heart leaved asters and pots waiting to be filled

golden alexanders (zizia aptera)

'Starry Night' violas

bleeding heart 

red epimediums

clematis around the birdhouse

lots of buds on the lilacs

purple leaved euphorbia growing between the epimediums and wood anemones

pots ready for summer


  1. Lots of pretty blooms going on in your area. We had a freeze last night and back to normal March weather for a few days, but most things have already leafed out.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Hubby just walked by and saw your flowers and said "is that right now?!?". I had to explain you're much further south than us. After the balmy temps of last week today we had a blizzard - no gardening for a while yet so I'm glad to see your lovely blooms (the daffodils are so pretty).

  3. Wow, lots of new growth!! My Itea do not look as full as yours, not by a long shot. Mine were new last year and the drought conditions set them back. Hope they fill out like yours!
    So Golden Alexanders, what is your assessment on them? It was recommended for my family garden, but am afraid it is a bit aggressive.

  4. I suspect that by the end of this weekend, things are going to be looking quite a bit different... everything looks about to burst!

  5. Thanks for the spring tour through your garden! You have a quite a bit going on! I love the picture of the pansy. The light is wonderful in that photo. Enjoy spring!

  6. Those epimediums! Mmmm. Do you know the name of the yellow one?

    We have had such an early spring here, but are still way behind what you have going on further south. Nice!!

  7. A beautiful afternoon ramble! I LOVE your epimediums and Starry Night violas.

    Laetitia Munro from Presby Garden got back to me and she doesn't think my white mystery iris is 'Barbara Walther' for 2 reasons. She doesn't think the beards of my iris are white enough (too yellow, or could that just be pollen?) and most importantly she doesn't recall BW being fragrant. She's going to check this spring again though. We actually have the copy of Organic Gardening with the article about historic iris but I hadn't even looked at it until you wrote me because I didn't want more temptation. lol Riiiiight. I'm going to try to get BW for comparison and it just sounds like a great iris.

  8. "Tulips the color of sunset" Love that descriptive! Your post has reminded me that I would really like to add more epimediums. I especially like that yellow one.

  9. Oh wow, so much growth. And color! *jealous*
    I'm where Marguerite is, good old PEI with the very late, cold springs!

  10. And a paaaaaatridge in a pear treeeeeee..........

    Sorry, my daughter says I absolutely should not sing Christmas songs after December but they slip out anyway. What a lot of nice things you have in your garden right now!

  11. Looks like a very successful ramble! So much growing and changing. Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous. And that tulip is so vibrant! But I love the bleeding heart the best - perhaps because I've never been successful as growing one - yet (I'm still trying!).

  12. I can feel the warmth with the glow of the sun in the photos. Aah.

  13. What beautiful color on the tulips! I've seen lots of cherry blossoms around work, but the petals are making their way to the sidewalk now. I hope you're enjoying the lovely weather we're having!

  14. The cherry blossoms are awesome.

  15. You 'found' a lot. The wood poppy is my favorite, such a pretty flower and photo.

  16. Wonderful blog! ~ I'm now following ~ Best, Anne

  17. Your ramble yielded such surprises! Spring offers so many new discoveries from day to day...I am often surprised and delighted. I particularly like the wood poppy...beautiful!

  18. What a beautiful array of photos.

  19. You really found lots of good and interesting things :-).


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