Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have we met before?

Hello, my friend! You look familiar but I can't remember your name. My apologies! Spring, isn't it? Such a cheerful name. Glad to meet you again.

Our builder gifted us with a beautiful Yoshino cherry tree that blooms like mad every spring. It's like having a mini Cherry Blossom Festival right in my own backyard.

Most of the clematis have been pruned and are showing signs of life. I bought this new trellis at Lowe's. It's curved and very sturdy, which should be perfect for the  enormous vine that grows here.

The pointy fleur de lis make me laugh. If my clematis ever decide to attack, I should be well protected.

By the end of May the trellis will be covered in big blue flowers. Pale pinkish white phlox and pink obedient plant grow near the clematis. I bought the clematis from Brushwood Gardens. I checked the website to see if they still had this one, and didn't see it. But they did have tons of other gorgeous vines. The petals curve back towards the base of the flower. I can't remember the name but if you'd like this in your garden, leave me a comment and I'll dig through my plant tags for you.

Here's a close up of the bloom. They're real show stoppers!

This is doronicum 'Little Leo'. I've never grown this before but saw it on the sale table at our local nursery and thought I'd give it a try. It will probably be dormant by mid-summer but that's okay. I planted a chunk of five plants in front of a Eupatorium 'Chocolate' that if I forget to cut back, which is always a possibility, will be lounging on the very spot where the 'Little Leo' is now growing. It's an early spring bloomer growing in a moist spot near zizia aptera or Golden Alexanders, as they are commonly known.

The buds are wrapped tight, like little presents. hiding yellow daisy-like flowers inside.

"Hooray! Hooray! It's spring!!" If the dancing frog hose guide could talk, I'm sure that's what he would say.

"You're not done scrolling, are you? Keep going!"

I am a hopeless klutz and usually avoid buying pots that stand the slightest chance of breaking. Glazed clay and ceramic pots usually sell for $35+ in our local garden centers. That's about $35 more than I'm willing to pay for something I'll probably drop. But I found these at Home Goods for $6 a piece and plan on filling them with lavender. I hope I don't break them! 

These little scilla were tucked into an order of plants as a freebie from an online nursery several years ago. They are the very first plant to bloom.

New growth from a purple euphorbia from my friend Annette. I can't resist purple flowers or foliage.

 The promise of flowers from the viburnum trilobum, or American cranberry bush.


  1. That's a pretty clematis! I love Brushwood Gardens, and got my clematis viticella from them... it's a keeper too. I learned so much about clematis just looking through their site. Nice score on the $6 cobalt blue pots!

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts. That was a great daffodilus front porchus. I think they belong to the front porchus family which cannot be found in my area. That vine is really cool. I would love to see it again in May. Meanwhile I should be growing more vines.

    I see that your dog helps out in blogging as well.

  3. I think your daffodilus front porchus might be an Ice Follies -- it's a good one, on the front porchus or in the groundus :-) The Little Leo looks similar to golden grounsel. Wonder if they are related? I have a Chocolate Eupatorium, too. Love that plant!! Happy Spring!!!

  4. It really is a time to start saying hello to this years blooms. They are trying their hardest to make an appearance. Yours are really on the way. Love your clematis.

  5. Ahhh, spring is in the air!! The excitement is contagious and I just love seeing all the new growth in everyone's gardens. I miss the Cherry Blossoms. Will you go to the parade?

  6. You got those pots for six bucks? Amazing. Beautiful clematis. I like the half-round trellis. Why can't they come up with some other ubiquitous decoration to replace the fleur de lis? It's just so ... so ... well, just so.

  7. Love the new birdhouse in the header. What a neat idea. I haven't any blooms but spring has arrived in our neck of the woods too and I'm loving it. What a nice feeling to step out in the sunshine.

  8. Lots of beautiful new growth! I grew up with a Japanese cherry blossom tree in my parent's yard. It's one of the only things I miss about living in New England...the cherry blossoms (and the shopping in Boston :) I can't wait to see yours in full bloom!

  9. Cat - I've been to the Cherry Festival but just getting downtown can be a nightmare, so I skip it. It's definitely worth doing at least once in a lifetime, though!

  10. Hurrah for Spring - love the clematis. And your new birdhouse!

  11. You have a blog worth following! :-) And you have a great variety of plants and flowers. I DO like your birdhouse and I hope "someone" moves in!!

    Thanks for your recent visit. SG

  12. We have yet to see any signs of spring here. In fact we had a snow storm the other day. I had to shovel the driveway a number of times in a single day. I am so done with winter!!
    I like the new birdhouse and birds will surely like it too. That is a very distinguished looking older gentleman with the grey whiskers mid-post.
    I think that lavender will look perfect in those new ceramic pots. If they get chipped or broken fix them with some glue and explain any chips or cracks as added "character".


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