Friday, May 6, 2011

HELP! What's wrong with my rose?

Several weeks ago I planted a small Ginger Syllabub climbing rose into a pot on my patio.Hopefully, it will find a permanent home in the garden this fall. I ordered the rose form an online nursery and it arrived in perfect condition. To the potting soil, I added compost, a bit of Holly-tone to lower the neutral pH, Rose-tone, dried banana peels, and a small bit of epsom salts. It settled right in and started to flourish. Three 'Pilgrim' oregano share the pot and are doing very well. I noticed yesterday that the leaves look a bit weird. Several have brown edges and are curling in, there are yellowish-green spots, and the veins show symptoms similar to chlorosis, even though the oregano doesn't. The entire plant doesn't seem to be affected.

Help!!! What's wrong with my rose???

Brown curling edges around a few leaves

 The brown spots are spreading to the lower left leaf

 Yellowish spots along the veins

 More spots!

 A brown spot that ruptured?

Something seems to be affecting the leaves ability to transport nutrients/water to the rest of the leaf.

Overall, the plant is sturdy and seems healthy until you look closely. The oregano are oblivious to the plight of the rose, so I don't think the issue is the soil.


  1. Oh dear...Can I just make some guesses? Could it be due to nitrogen deficiency? Nitrogen may be required for the decomposition of banana peels.

  2. Excelent guess, but if it were a nitrogen deficiency the oregano would be affected, too. The potassium in banana peels is water soluable and we've had tons of rain. Maybe too much rain?? I just don't know!

  3. looks like fertilizer burn to me. the oregano have a shorter root system and haven't reached the soluble salts.

  4. OMG, Greggo!!! I never thought of that!! It sounds like I gave them too much of a good thing. :(

  5. Came back to see if you have diagnosed the problem. Learnt something very important yet very basic from Greggo. Plants roots differ in length. :)

    Looks like the rain would have brought all the excessive goodness to the bottom of the pot.

  6. One - Overall the rose looks healthy, except for some of the leaves. I'm going to keep an eye on it and hopefully, things won't get worse. I'm glad we've had as much rain as we've had or the burn might have been worse. Live and learn!!!

  7. It does look like too much of a good thing. Roses don't like it too acidic either.

  8. I agree with fertilizer burn. Just water it well, and it will be OK. The little spots could be insect damage, and is not life-threatening. Good luck, your rose looks pretty good overall, and I hope you post pictures of blooms.

  9. Thanks for all the advice! I only put in a very small amount of Holly-tone to help drop the pH to about 6.8. It's always great to have friends that are smarter than I am!! :o)


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