Friday, April 9, 2010

Killing Dalea

If you've ever met someone who claimed to be a gardener but professed to never having killed a plant, they are either a liar or only grow plastic flowers! I have successfully grown and killed Dalea purpurea or Purple Prairie Clover each summer for the past two years. I always start out with the best intentions. After having researched the plant and located the perfect spot in my garden, I eagerly planted my small seedlings and waited for them to grow and thrive. It never happened. One year they were planted in soil that was still too heavy, despite being ammended with fast draining growers grit. Last year they were kept in absolute darkness by the exhuberant growth of the plants around them, especially the trumpet vine, which I'm sure is plotting to take over the entire yard. However, this year will be DIFFERENT!!! I WILL NOT KILL THE PRAIRIE CLOVER!!! It's happily tucked away in a big pot by the back door, far, far away from the trumpet vine!!

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