Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden Frustration!!!

I've spent hours laying soaker hoses in a section of the garden that used to be quite moist but has grown drier every year as the trees grew larger. All the hoses are connected, I've removed the blue washer that reduces the flow of water, and expected the water to drip continuously when I hooked up the first section of soaker hose to our garden hose, which is full of city water and has excellent water pressure. But one section of soaker hose goes very suddenly from wet to dry for no apparent reason!!! AAUUGGHH!!! I'm so frustrated!!! It's not climbing a hill and there are no kinks. It just stops dripping!! I even squished the hose to see if it was obstructed and it wasn't as far as I could tell. I was so irritated I just wanted to yell, "Drip, damn you! Drip!! I'm sure it would have been highly effective.


  1. Odd. Sometimes gravity has something to do with the flow.

  2. The whole gravity thing is really bothersome. However, if I could control gravity the first place I'd start would be my chest!! :) The soaker hoses would be next!


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