Saturday, May 8, 2010

I hate it when I'm stupid....!!

Last summer I planted a smaller variety of the native Dutchmans Pipe vine along my back fence, hoping to attract Pipevine swallowtails. It hummed along all summer, very small but never demanding. I knew it was setting its roots and would grow larger this summer. About a week ago, I checked the withered stub where its vines had grown last summer, eager for any signs of growth. There were none and I angrily yanked it from the ground, cursing it for dying, perhaps having drowned in three feet of melting snow. I threw it to the ground and walked off. Later in the week, while surfing one of my favorite garden sites, I saw a giant red disclaimer on the page about native vines that read "PIPEVINE IS VERY SLOW TO BREAK DORMANCY SO BE PATIENT." Aauugghhh!!!!!!

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